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Sunday, December 19, 2010

BREWER'S YEAST {The BEST Thing Since Sliced Bread!}



Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How To Cure Loneliness by Matt (Mr. Cash At Hand)

This topic was brought to my attention on Youtube and I found it very intriguing! I guess since SO many people are going through this. I'm speaking about the subject of loneliness. Loneliness is something most of us have to go through in some point and time in our life. People seek human interaction as a way to cure loneliness but you have to understand that human interaction only pacifies loneliness and doesn't cure it because there will be a time in your life where you won't have any social intervention with anybody. In this case, you have to understand who you are, why you are put here and you definitely have to build self love within yourself. Nobody can accomplish this task but yourself! You can do this simply by being by yourself and finding out more about yourself with NO human interaction! The more time you spend by yourself, the more you will get a chance to learn about yourself, trust yourself, love yourself and have MORE knowledge of yourself!! You also have to understand that Mother Nature is here for a reason! It's here so we as humans can enjoy the beauty of this world and how it can have a major impact on our lives if we just open up to it and explore everything it has to provide us! If we all come from nature, then you must understand the importance that nature has over us but we can't let outside influences distract us from getting to know more about nature. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT TO HELP CURE LONELINESS!! Everything that I'm discussing is from my perspective and has helped me to overcome loneliness so that's why I'm sharing this with you!! I hope you see the extreme importance of knowing who you are, knowing your own being, building a knowledge and love for yourself and I can't forget embracing Mother Nature to the fullest!!


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Deadly Cholera Outbreak In Haiti / Don't Put Off Till Tomorrow What You Can Do Today!

I love these sayings and phrases that we always hear, but do we "truly" use them in our daily lives?? It makes you think! One of my favorite phrases is "Don't Put Off Till Tomorrow What You Can Do Today". I can tell that this particular saying is not used with some people because you can tell by their actions. This is something that you should really take into consideration when dealing with LIFE because life isn't promised to us. This is a TRUE statement!! STOP putting things off for the next day and start taking care of your business TODAY!!! SO many people aren't fortunate enough to live life as we know it. SO many people die everyday and don't get to experience what me and you do, so with that in mind, start handling your business and make your plans and ideas manifest. DO IT TODAY, DON'T WAIT BECAUSE TOMORROW ISN'T PROMISED!!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Burn A Koran Day?? What the.....?? {UPDATE}

It seems like we might be headed in the right direction since the "Burn A Koran Day" event was cancelled and resolved for now. WATCH MY VIDEO TO GET MORE INSIGHT ON HOW I FEEL ABOUT THE SUBJECT!!


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Burn A Koran Day?? What the.....??

What is disturbing to see is "hatred", IN ANY FORM!!! I'm totally against ALL forms of hatred and racism, small or major!!! Everybody should be treated equally and not judged for his or her religion, gender, race, etc. This upcoming event on 9/11/2010 is one event that shows why this world is in the shape its in! The "BURN A KORAN" day masterminded by so called real church members in Florida and will be carried out to represent the pain and sorrow of the most disturbing event in human history, the tragedy where 2 planes slammed into the World Trade Center on September 11th 2001 killing thousands of people and destroying massive amounts of property. These church members will be burning many books of the Koran (a book of the Muslim religion) to show the world how bad and evil the religion is because they think the Muslim's had something to do with the incident. WHAT THE ???? This is why our society is in such a terrible shape because people like this use "hatred" and "ignorance" to fight "hatred" and "ignorance". THIS IS A TOTAL LOST CAUSE!!! I can go on & on about this event but please watch my video below to see what I have to say about it!!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

YOU are the product of YOUR environment!

We ALL really have to look at ourselves and see how we put ourselves in our situation. It all takes a change of your mentality! Most of our poor & rich people today are poor & rich for a reason!! It all boils down to a change in your mindset!!! Do you want to be POOR? Or do you want to be RICH?? It's totally UP TO YOU!!! Most of us choose to be poor by our day to day habits in life....either physically or mentally. Most of us do it subconsciously!! All of our habits make US a "Product of our ENVIRONMENT"......PERIOD, NO GETTING AROUND IT!!!! What we do in our daily routine could either make us or hurt us!! I elaborate more in my video here enititled "YOU are the product of YOUR environment" CHECK IT OUT BELOW!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Moon Is Shrinking / Intel Buys McAfee

NASA today made a huge discovery and found out that the moon is shrinking!! This could have an adverse effect on our planet or we could never notice any changes in our lifetime, it's something to think about! Also, the giant processor developer "Intel" just bought the anti-virus company "McAfee" for 7.68 billion dollars! THIS IS A MASSIVE DEAL BETWEEN BOTH COMPANIES! What do you think about these stories?? CHECK OUT MY VIDEO BELOW TO LISTEN TO WHAT I HAVE TO SAY ABOUT ALL OF THIS!!


Monday, August 9, 2010

Major Landslide In China! ANOTHER WAKE UP CALL!!

What a sad situation for any group of people to have to go through! A major landslide upsets a city in China (ZHOUQU) killing hundreds and thousands are missing. It really is sad to see people go through a disaster such as this but it's a WAKE UP call for the rest of us! I talk about this catastrophe some more and elaborate on other points that you might want to check out at my video below!!


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

LOOK OUT for my new Hip Hop Album, COMING SUMMER 2010!!!

Hello everybody!!!!!!!!!

As you already know I love motivating & inspiring people so they can utilize their fullest potential in life!!! I also love music and all forms of it!! I'm also about to present the world with a new and upcoming Hip Hop album entitled "Classic" - Volume 1 which is produced by DJ SOP and written by myself Endeva the BeatZmith as most of you know me as Matt (Cash At Hand).

This album will be released sometime this summer 2010!!

Available at: (Music Albums Section)

Peace & Prosperity!!!

Friday, May 28, 2010

You CAN"T Dissect The TRUTH!!!! Take It For What Its Worth!!

Everybody wants to know what is the truth! How can we find the truth? Where is the truth? In actuality, the truth is looking at you right in the face and a lot of people don't even know it!! It could be the truth in anything we come across in life.....from religion, spirituality, race, politics, education, economy....or WHATEVER THE CASE MAY BE!! We always have to look for FACTS to back up our perspective or all we're doing is going by "emotions & beliefs" and NOT by hard CONCRETE EVIDENCE!! Don't live through life by myths, stories, fabrications, etc.....always do YOUR due diligence and ALWAYS find the TRUTH!! Sometimes the truth HURTS some people but remember it's always better to "know" what's real then "believe" what's real!!! Emotions ISN'T truth, opinions ISN'T truth, beliefs ISN'T truth.....facts IS truth, evidence IS truth, proof IS truth!!!!! GO BY THAT!!!!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Start Hanging Around Like Minded Individuals!!!!!!!!

This has been a topic that a lot of people overlook but it's VERY vital for a person to do this for their own peace and prosperity!!! You have to get rid of ALL DEAD WEIGHT!!!!! What I mean by dead weight is people that ALWAYS complain and keep their own problems & issues with them like OLD CLOTHES!!! It is VERY important that you drop these type of people because if you continue to allow yourself to be in that environment, then you will be susceptible to problems yourself which will hold you back from achieving your goals in life! I already made up in my mind that I'm not going to allow myself to be around negative people with issues and I rather surround myself around people who are trying to push forward with out living in the past!!! This is a topic that I can write for days about but you get the picture :-)

If you follow this concept you will be better off in life and have SO MUCH peace & abundance in life you will be GLAD YOU DID!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

STOP Watching Videos & Channels That YOU Don't Like!!

What an ongoing dilemma that has plagued the video sharing world FOR YEARS! The title pretty much speaks for itself! PLEASE PLEASE watch this video, favorite it and share it as much as possible!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It's VERY important to establish a "Self-Love" with YOURSELF!!

I love to write about what drives me as a business entrepreneur and how I earn an income at the comfort of my own home BUT I also like to talk about from time to time the importance of having "Self-Love"! This topic is so widely overlooked and one of the reasons is because we are faced with so many distractions in our life that it gets us away from loving ourselves. We have to sit down and really dig deep and try to establish a happiness within ourselves before seeking comfort and love from other people. Don't get me wrong, it feels GREAT when you can connect with an individual and have the right chemistry, sometimes words can't describe it lol! We like to feel loved from other people and having a genuine relationship with a common interest at heart is a wonderful thing to have!

These days if you can find someone who you can relate with and love you in return you better hold on to it especially during these economic times where money seems to be the common issue that breaks up a TON of relationships. Even with that said, you always have to find a love for yourself and learn how to grow and function in your life without anybody's assistance. We all come into this world alone and I'm afraid to say but we all die alone (as far as I know lol). So with that in mind, enjoy your life and always have confidence within yourself to move forward in life. Of course when we build an attachment with another person sometimes our love can be so overwhelming for that person where we get to the point where we can't live without that person. This is natural! Always show and give love and never stop that but sometimes this unpredictable life we're living in can give us sudden circumstances that can be hard to deal with so that's why it is extremely important to build a "self-love" with yourself!!

Love is powerful!! When you express it AND ALSO when you express it for yourself! Love works in both ways!! Use it wisely :-) The simple reason is because you would have to learn how to cope with different situations unexpectedly. Love is so powerful where it causes people to commit violent acts, serious crimes, hateful emotions and so on.....especially if a person doesn't really love themselves these certain acts will formulate into existence and this is something we ALL want to avoid so really find time to invest in yourself first before you do anything and you will see it will be the BEST thing you can ever do for yourself.....PEACE!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

We need to be STRONGER men & women in this world if we want to get somewhere in life!!

This subject here is really important especially for today's generation and youth! Some of us have been trained to rely on other people besides ourselves. Sometimes it takes a strong mind to step up to the plate and control our own life and destiny. How would this world develop if people never took any initiative and followed through with any plans or goals?? How would this world be today if nobody took charge and pursued a particular task?? We wouldn't have a world and we wouldn't have the technology that we all take advantage of on a daily basis. All of this comes from hard working people that never gave up!! They had a thought and made it manifest into reality. These are the type of people that I look up to because it really motivates myself to push harder than I did previously and MOST IMPORTANTLY it motivates me to NEVER quit in life and to always strive for the best!

Never be a "quitter" in life! While you're here on this earth, you want to inspire other people that may look up to you and show them that you should always excel in life and never look back! Our "spoiled" society is SO trapped mentality thinking that life is suppose to be handed to them on a silver platter. This type of mentality will only make you a weaker person in the long want to be STRONG ....and NOT weak! Always follow through with your plans to the best of your ability and NEVER be led into peer pressure or follow behind the "wrong" crowd! Don't let a material object or person turn you into a lifeless creature that is so dependent........DEPEND ON YOURSELF!! Lead by example and show yourself that you can be somebody in life and you're not a loser BUT a winner!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

UNITY IS POWER !! The Same Applies For ALL Businesses !!


Our "Human Race" is SO divided AS WELL as the business arena! Wouldn't it make sense to unite ALL of this?? The sad truth is it's not united and most people today are concentrating on THEMSELVES! I don't see anybody with a plan to make this a greater power. Most people are concerned with the short term result instead of really thinking how this type of mentality could effect us all in the long term. We are subconsciously dividing ourselves from the rest of the world but focusing on our business and what can make us money instead of focusing on what can make this whole world prosper and benefit. There are so many divisions and sub-divisions in this world within our race, religion, color, gender, business, beliefs.......I could go on and on and on!

In total actuality, we are damaging the main structure of humanity because our primary focus ISN'T "Unity". When our main focus isn't unity, we are actually contributing to the degradation of this planet! We need more intelligent people to stand up and really look at what's going on. Most companies, businesses and entrepreneurs are in SO MUCH competition pointing the finger at each other instead of coming together and sharing ideas, concepts, strategies, beliefs and systems amongst themselves. The root cause of this behavior is the all MIGHTY DOLLAR BILL in my opinion! For the most part, this world is fueled by GREED and how one can benefit for their own selfish desires. Of course we all have to eat and survive, but why remain divided as entrepreneurs and companies as a whole?? The way I see it, it doesn't make ANY sense!

This type of mentality has been going on for centuries! It's like we all like to be divided as a human race and we can't see NO other way to function. It seems this world for the most part LOVES division, segregation, competition, separation, degradation, racism,'s a sad reality and people aren't willing to change. It's something to think about and it only let's you know where our future is headed if we don't all take action and change!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Market "YOURSELF" First, NOT Your Business!!

People time and time again are failing in internet marketing and online business because they fail to understand one important factor....and that's to MARKET YOURSELF! If you don't market yourself and form some type of brand for yourself, you will not last in this industry! So before you try to stress your mind about how to market your business opportunity, I would really concentrate on trying to understand yourself and what makes you the person you are. There is no need to keep spending money and time on marketing your business when you should invest that money and time into yourself especially when you are worth more than all the marketing strategies out here! Work on yourself and let people know what you're about. If people don't know you, then people will be skeptical in your opportunity because the majority of people "Fear The Unknown"!

Don't give anybody a reason to fear the unknown and put yourself OUT THERE!! Provide value and content to the skeptical! Showcase your presence instead of showcasing your opportunity. This is like one of the main reasons why people fail so hard in this industry is because their emphasis is directed in the wrong areas. If you're afraid to market yourself and showcase yourself, then other people will be afraid of you as well! Like the saying goes, only the strongest survive.....THAT IS DEFINITELY TRUE! It takes a stronger mindset to achieve greater and stronger results! The wealthy get wealthy for a reason, they work smarter and NOT harder! The smarter you are in this industry the better off you are. The less knowledge you have in this industry, the worst off you're going to be and you don't want that for yourself!

If you don't change your behaviors, than nothing will change in your lifestyle and you will continue to be frustrated.....SO START MARKETING YOURSELF AND PLACE MORE EMPHASIS ON "YOURSELF"! I thought I would try and wake up some people with this concept because I see people aren't seeing the underlying cause of their failures! The more you concentrate on yourself, the longer you will stay in your business and the more benefit you will receive! THIS IS SIMPLE MATHEMATICS!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Your Body Is Worth MORE Than Your Own Desktop!


The title speaks for itself! Millions of us are losing total focus on our bodies when it comes to using a computer for our day to day activities. Sometimes you need to pay attention to your body more and focus on what is important the most!! Like I mentioned earlier, all this technology these days are making people LAZY and people's attention span is lacking in this department. I always like to go out from time to time and exercise when I can because I feel its VERY vital to my long-term health! Just like having a system for your business, you need to have a SYSTEM for your own body as well! A lot of us don't take this serious and wind up suffering for it later on :-( You need a balance in life! Your eyes, body and mind is ALL effected from all of this long term daily usage of the computer and most people don't realize this and take it for granted.

It's almost like a drug addict who does constant drug use. The addict doesn't want to do anything else but use the drug and is not focused on his or her own body. The same applies with the computer because it can also become ADDICTIVE if YOU let it! What its actually doing is eating away at us SLOWLY. We don't really pay it any mind because we're so focused on a task at hand on the computer when in actuality our priorities aren't together. As I said before, once your health is gone than everything else is gone as well as your BUSINESS!! So keep this in mind and it will pay off in the future. Save yourself now or you'll regret it later! This also will help your blood flow, metabolism and your mind. It's just another form of stimulation for your body....exercising on a regular basis! Break away from your addiction and get on the right track to success!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

1,000 + YouTube Subscribers!!! Words Can't Describe It!!!

Just want to give thanks again for all of those people who subscribed to me on YouTube at my old channel "CashAtHand", it's very much appreciated!! If it wasn't for all of the inspiration and motivation along the way from all of you, none of it would be possible!! So you know I have to give thanks where thanks is due! Like I said before, I never had an interest in making videos and was so afraid to show my face on camera but my passion to make money online as well as my passion for life in general definitely outweighed my decision to start filming myself! I noticed that real topics and real subjects are not really discussed so I feel I should step in and let the world know how I feel if nobody else does! I always try to give YOU the viewer something to take with you and absorb! I feel the world's priorities are geared in the wrong direction and there's not enough positivity and motivation in this world we're living in so you know I have to step in! Stay tuned for more videos and insight from "Cash At Hand"....I'll see you in the next video :-)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Patience IS a Virtue! Are YOU Impatient?


We are living in a world of impatient people who can't be patient if their life DEPENDED ON IT! People we have to sit back and think what are we actually doing. If we took time to be more patient, we will achieve more results than if we thought impatiently. You are actually going against the grain if you have fast thoughts, which in turn will lead to stress and other catastrophes that we can avoid! Learn to relax your mind state and remain focused at all times. Not only will this be beneficial in your business but you can prosper as a successful individual in your life in general! Plan ahead in life so you don't always have to feel the need to move fast at all times! THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! This keeps you grounded and it keeps the foundation of your business VERY solid and stable! This is one concept that a lot of us overlook. Just imagine if the world was more patient, imagine what we can makes you think huh? So remain focused and patient and prepare for the best things to come into fruition for you and your lifestyle!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

You NEVER want to spread yourself TOO thin in your business!!


In the past, I've expressed the extreme importance of having "multiple" streams of income and that concept holds massive weight BUT you never want to go overboard where you're unable to handle tons of programs or businesses at the same time! The reason being is that if you're trying to run so many opportunities your energy and attention is not balanced! Level out your business opportunities to a set amount and build from that point. This way your concentration is solid and you can be focused on your marketing strategy because without that, like I always say, you're stuck in the basement! The more focused you are with a set amount of opportunities, the faster you will achieve your goals! Remember, you got to have a SYSTEM! FOLLOW THAT SYSTEM! Since you have a set amount of programs you're dealing with means you're establishing a system for yourself. The more you dilute that system with hundreds and thousands of other opportunities, the more of a chance your system will backfire on you! So stick with what you're knowledgeable about and master your passions first and grow from that point! Bill Gates passion was computers and "Microsoft" and not hundreds of other opportunities.......GET IT NOW LOL?? Apply this strategy to your lifestyle and you'll be successful in your business before you know it!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

"Success" Comes In All Forms, ANYBODY Can Achieve It!

We're living in a world where you have people struggling to find themselves. This world is filled with distractions that get us away from trying to find out who we really are. I have to take time out the day and really dig deep within myself and spend time to find out why I'm here and to relax my mind. If I don't do this, I will eventually lose touch of myself and why I was put here on this earth to do. "Success" is a common word that is thrown around from time to time. Do you really know what this word means?? If you search the term "Success" you'll find this definition and it states:

"An event that accomplishes its intended purpose"

If you notice, it doesn't mention "Money" or "Wealth" does it? Little do we know that EVERYBODY has the ability to become successful or achieve success but some people don't take time out the day to find out how they can achieve success. Everybody is put here for a reason. We're not just here as wasted flesh and brain cells lol. You have to use what you possess (it can be physically or mentally) and maximize your talents and inspirations that you have inside. If you don't do this, you will miss out on what life has to provide for you! JUST REMEMBER YOU ARE A SUCCESS AND NEVER THINK OTHERWISE!! BELIEVE THAT AND KNOW THAT!! This type of mentality will get you far in life! Another known fact is if you center around positive people in your life, you will reach success faster than a person who is centered around negativity because your energy is focused around progression and not digression (look this word up lol)! Success comes in ALL DIFFERENT FORMS besides fortune, fame & wealth! The older you get the wiser you get and find out more about yourself as time goes on. Find your talents, use your talents, capitalize on your talents and show others a better way! BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

BACK PAGE!!! Gain IMMEDIATE EXPOSURE with CLASSIFIED ADS!! A "Craigslist" Alternative!!


Here is a HIDDEN GEM that a lot of people still don't know about and that's "Back Page"!! It's another FREE classified website like "Craigslist" where you can post ads in different cities concerning your business opportunity, anything you would like to sell, or even jobs that you are currently seeking. It's an EXCELLENT way to promote to the masses and gain EXPOSURE!! The name of the game is to utilize your marketing strategy where there's hundreds or even thousands of people at! What I extremely like about Back Page is that you can place your videos INSIDE your ad! You want to use this benefit to your advantage to gain even more exposure to your internet presence! Back Page is a FREE service to use but you also want to take into consideration that they also have a VERY AFFORDABLE and EFFECTIVE way to promote and that is to create a "Sponsor Ad"!!!!! At only $4 a week, you can have your ad placed in front of thousands of Back Page users!! The feature has helped my tremendously and I suggest you also use this feature to increase your traffic and gain the exposure you deserve! If you would like to check this out, just click the banner at the top or the link below to get started TODAY!!!

Post classified ads with BACK PAGE!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Never FEED into negativity!! FEED the positivity!!

People you NEVER want to FEED into negativity! This is one of those ESSENTIAL ingredients for your "Success" in any online or offline activity! I always apply this technique and it works like MAGIC lol! Instead of battling and fighting back with negativity you always want to cut it from the source and NEVER give it any POWER!! I see it time & time again, people GIVE INTO negativity and feel the need to converse with it and failing to realize that you're only damaging your initial idea in the first place so NEVER give negativity any want to FUEL the positivity because if you do, you will gain massive abundance for you and your lifestyle! PEACE!