Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It's VERY important to establish a "Self-Love" with YOURSELF!!

I love to write about what drives me as a business entrepreneur and how I earn an income at the comfort of my own home BUT I also like to talk about from time to time the importance of having "Self-Love"! This topic is so widely overlooked and one of the reasons is because we are faced with so many distractions in our life that it gets us away from loving ourselves. We have to sit down and really dig deep and try to establish a happiness within ourselves before seeking comfort and love from other people. Don't get me wrong, it feels GREAT when you can connect with an individual and have the right chemistry, sometimes words can't describe it lol! We like to feel loved from other people and having a genuine relationship with a common interest at heart is a wonderful thing to have!

These days if you can find someone who you can relate with and love you in return you better hold on to it especially during these economic times where money seems to be the common issue that breaks up a TON of relationships. Even with that said, you always have to find a love for yourself and learn how to grow and function in your life without anybody's assistance. We all come into this world alone and I'm afraid to say but we all die alone (as far as I know lol). So with that in mind, enjoy your life and always have confidence within yourself to move forward in life. Of course when we build an attachment with another person sometimes our love can be so overwhelming for that person where we get to the point where we can't live without that person. This is natural! Always show and give love and never stop that but sometimes this unpredictable life we're living in can give us sudden circumstances that can be hard to deal with so that's why it is extremely important to build a "self-love" with yourself!!

Love is powerful!! When you express it AND ALSO when you express it for yourself! Love works in both ways!! Use it wisely :-) The simple reason is because you would have to learn how to cope with different situations unexpectedly. Love is so powerful where it causes people to commit violent acts, serious crimes, hateful emotions and so on.....especially if a person doesn't really love themselves these certain acts will formulate into existence and this is something we ALL want to avoid so really find time to invest in yourself first before you do anything and you will see it will be the BEST thing you can ever do for yourself.....PEACE!


  1. That is good advice Mr. Cash. It is amazing how quickly people get into relationships looking for love without first learning how to love themselves.

    Most people do not work on themselves at all for that matter. They go through life with the same bad self-defeating habits. And then they bring all of that baggage into a relationship with them and then wonder why it does not work.


    The Cartoon Coach

  2. Thanks J, your feedback is MUCH appreciated!! You made some great points here....thank you!!