Tuesday, August 24, 2010

YOU are the product of YOUR environment!

We ALL really have to look at ourselves and see how we put ourselves in our situation. It all takes a change of your mentality! Most of our poor & rich people today are poor & rich for a reason!! It all boils down to a change in your mindset!!! Do you want to be POOR? Or do you want to be RICH?? It's totally UP TO YOU!!! Most of us choose to be poor by our day to day habits in life....either physically or mentally. Most of us do it subconsciously!! All of our habits make US a "Product of our ENVIRONMENT"......PERIOD, NO GETTING AROUND IT!!!! What we do in our daily routine could either make us or hurt us!! I elaborate more in my video here enititled "YOU are the product of YOUR environment" CHECK IT OUT BELOW!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Moon Is Shrinking / Intel Buys McAfee

NASA today made a huge discovery and found out that the moon is shrinking!! This could have an adverse effect on our planet or we could never notice any changes in our lifetime, it's something to think about! Also, the giant processor developer "Intel" just bought the anti-virus company "McAfee" for 7.68 billion dollars! THIS IS A MASSIVE DEAL BETWEEN BOTH COMPANIES! What do you think about these stories?? CHECK OUT MY VIDEO BELOW TO LISTEN TO WHAT I HAVE TO SAY ABOUT ALL OF THIS!!


Monday, August 9, 2010

Major Landslide In China! ANOTHER WAKE UP CALL!!

What a sad situation for any group of people to have to go through! A major landslide upsets a city in China (ZHOUQU) killing hundreds and thousands are missing. It really is sad to see people go through a disaster such as this but it's a WAKE UP call for the rest of us! I talk about this catastrophe some more and elaborate on other points that you might want to check out at my video below!!