Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Patience IS a Virtue! Are YOU Impatient?


We are living in a world of impatient people who can't be patient if their life DEPENDED ON IT! People we have to sit back and think what are we actually doing. If we took time to be more patient, we will achieve more results than if we thought impatiently. You are actually going against the grain if you have fast thoughts, which in turn will lead to stress and other catastrophes that we can avoid! Learn to relax your mind state and remain focused at all times. Not only will this be beneficial in your business but you can prosper as a successful individual in your life in general! Plan ahead in life so you don't always have to feel the need to move fast at all times! THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! This keeps you grounded and it keeps the foundation of your business VERY solid and stable! This is one concept that a lot of us overlook. Just imagine if the world was more patient, imagine what we can makes you think huh? So remain focused and patient and prepare for the best things to come into fruition for you and your lifestyle!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

You NEVER want to spread yourself TOO thin in your business!!


In the past, I've expressed the extreme importance of having "multiple" streams of income and that concept holds massive weight BUT you never want to go overboard where you're unable to handle tons of programs or businesses at the same time! The reason being is that if you're trying to run so many opportunities your energy and attention is not balanced! Level out your business opportunities to a set amount and build from that point. This way your concentration is solid and you can be focused on your marketing strategy because without that, like I always say, you're stuck in the basement! The more focused you are with a set amount of opportunities, the faster you will achieve your goals! Remember, you got to have a SYSTEM! FOLLOW THAT SYSTEM! Since you have a set amount of programs you're dealing with means you're establishing a system for yourself. The more you dilute that system with hundreds and thousands of other opportunities, the more of a chance your system will backfire on you! So stick with what you're knowledgeable about and master your passions first and grow from that point! Bill Gates passion was computers and "Microsoft" and not hundreds of other opportunities.......GET IT NOW LOL?? Apply this strategy to your lifestyle and you'll be successful in your business before you know it!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

"Success" Comes In All Forms, ANYBODY Can Achieve It!

We're living in a world where you have people struggling to find themselves. This world is filled with distractions that get us away from trying to find out who we really are. I have to take time out the day and really dig deep within myself and spend time to find out why I'm here and to relax my mind. If I don't do this, I will eventually lose touch of myself and why I was put here on this earth to do. "Success" is a common word that is thrown around from time to time. Do you really know what this word means?? If you search the term "Success" you'll find this definition and it states:

"An event that accomplishes its intended purpose"

If you notice, it doesn't mention "Money" or "Wealth" does it? Little do we know that EVERYBODY has the ability to become successful or achieve success but some people don't take time out the day to find out how they can achieve success. Everybody is put here for a reason. We're not just here as wasted flesh and brain cells lol. You have to use what you possess (it can be physically or mentally) and maximize your talents and inspirations that you have inside. If you don't do this, you will miss out on what life has to provide for you! JUST REMEMBER YOU ARE A SUCCESS AND NEVER THINK OTHERWISE!! BELIEVE THAT AND KNOW THAT!! This type of mentality will get you far in life! Another known fact is if you center around positive people in your life, you will reach success faster than a person who is centered around negativity because your energy is focused around progression and not digression (look this word up lol)! Success comes in ALL DIFFERENT FORMS besides fortune, fame & wealth! The older you get the wiser you get and find out more about yourself as time goes on. Find your talents, use your talents, capitalize on your talents and show others a better way! BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

BACK PAGE!!! Gain IMMEDIATE EXPOSURE with CLASSIFIED ADS!! A "Craigslist" Alternative!!


Here is a HIDDEN GEM that a lot of people still don't know about and that's "Back Page"!! It's another FREE classified website like "Craigslist" where you can post ads in different cities concerning your business opportunity, anything you would like to sell, or even jobs that you are currently seeking. It's an EXCELLENT way to promote to the masses and gain EXPOSURE!! The name of the game is to utilize your marketing strategy where there's hundreds or even thousands of people at! What I extremely like about Back Page is that you can place your videos INSIDE your ad! You want to use this benefit to your advantage to gain even more exposure to your internet presence! Back Page is a FREE service to use but you also want to take into consideration that they also have a VERY AFFORDABLE and EFFECTIVE way to promote and that is to create a "Sponsor Ad"!!!!! At only $4 a week, you can have your ad placed in front of thousands of Back Page users!! The feature has helped my tremendously and I suggest you also use this feature to increase your traffic and gain the exposure you deserve! If you would like to check this out, just click the banner at the top or the link below to get started TODAY!!!

Post classified ads with BACK PAGE!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Never FEED into negativity!! FEED the positivity!!

People you NEVER want to FEED into negativity! This is one of those ESSENTIAL ingredients for your "Success" in any online or offline activity! I always apply this technique and it works like MAGIC lol! Instead of battling and fighting back with negativity you always want to cut it from the source and NEVER give it any POWER!! I see it time & time again, people GIVE INTO negativity and feel the need to converse with it and failing to realize that you're only damaging your initial idea in the first place so NEVER give negativity any want to FUEL the positivity because if you do, you will gain massive abundance for you and your lifestyle! PEACE!