Thursday, January 21, 2010

"Success" Comes In All Forms, ANYBODY Can Achieve It!

We're living in a world where you have people struggling to find themselves. This world is filled with distractions that get us away from trying to find out who we really are. I have to take time out the day and really dig deep within myself and spend time to find out why I'm here and to relax my mind. If I don't do this, I will eventually lose touch of myself and why I was put here on this earth to do. "Success" is a common word that is thrown around from time to time. Do you really know what this word means?? If you search the term "Success" you'll find this definition and it states:

"An event that accomplishes its intended purpose"

If you notice, it doesn't mention "Money" or "Wealth" does it? Little do we know that EVERYBODY has the ability to become successful or achieve success but some people don't take time out the day to find out how they can achieve success. Everybody is put here for a reason. We're not just here as wasted flesh and brain cells lol. You have to use what you possess (it can be physically or mentally) and maximize your talents and inspirations that you have inside. If you don't do this, you will miss out on what life has to provide for you! JUST REMEMBER YOU ARE A SUCCESS AND NEVER THINK OTHERWISE!! BELIEVE THAT AND KNOW THAT!! This type of mentality will get you far in life! Another known fact is if you center around positive people in your life, you will reach success faster than a person who is centered around negativity because your energy is focused around progression and not digression (look this word up lol)! Success comes in ALL DIFFERENT FORMS besides fortune, fame & wealth! The older you get the wiser you get and find out more about yourself as time goes on. Find your talents, use your talents, capitalize on your talents and show others a better way! BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!!

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