Monday, January 25, 2010

You NEVER want to spread yourself TOO thin in your business!!


In the past, I've expressed the extreme importance of having "multiple" streams of income and that concept holds massive weight BUT you never want to go overboard where you're unable to handle tons of programs or businesses at the same time! The reason being is that if you're trying to run so many opportunities your energy and attention is not balanced! Level out your business opportunities to a set amount and build from that point. This way your concentration is solid and you can be focused on your marketing strategy because without that, like I always say, you're stuck in the basement! The more focused you are with a set amount of opportunities, the faster you will achieve your goals! Remember, you got to have a SYSTEM! FOLLOW THAT SYSTEM! Since you have a set amount of programs you're dealing with means you're establishing a system for yourself. The more you dilute that system with hundreds and thousands of other opportunities, the more of a chance your system will backfire on you! So stick with what you're knowledgeable about and master your passions first and grow from that point! Bill Gates passion was computers and "Microsoft" and not hundreds of other opportunities.......GET IT NOW LOL?? Apply this strategy to your lifestyle and you'll be successful in your business before you know it!

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