Friday, February 12, 2010

UNITY IS POWER !! The Same Applies For ALL Businesses !!


Our "Human Race" is SO divided AS WELL as the business arena! Wouldn't it make sense to unite ALL of this?? The sad truth is it's not united and most people today are concentrating on THEMSELVES! I don't see anybody with a plan to make this a greater power. Most people are concerned with the short term result instead of really thinking how this type of mentality could effect us all in the long term. We are subconsciously dividing ourselves from the rest of the world but focusing on our business and what can make us money instead of focusing on what can make this whole world prosper and benefit. There are so many divisions and sub-divisions in this world within our race, religion, color, gender, business, beliefs.......I could go on and on and on!

In total actuality, we are damaging the main structure of humanity because our primary focus ISN'T "Unity". When our main focus isn't unity, we are actually contributing to the degradation of this planet! We need more intelligent people to stand up and really look at what's going on. Most companies, businesses and entrepreneurs are in SO MUCH competition pointing the finger at each other instead of coming together and sharing ideas, concepts, strategies, beliefs and systems amongst themselves. The root cause of this behavior is the all MIGHTY DOLLAR BILL in my opinion! For the most part, this world is fueled by GREED and how one can benefit for their own selfish desires. Of course we all have to eat and survive, but why remain divided as entrepreneurs and companies as a whole?? The way I see it, it doesn't make ANY sense!

This type of mentality has been going on for centuries! It's like we all like to be divided as a human race and we can't see NO other way to function. It seems this world for the most part LOVES division, segregation, competition, separation, degradation, racism,'s a sad reality and people aren't willing to change. It's something to think about and it only let's you know where our future is headed if we don't all take action and change!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Market "YOURSELF" First, NOT Your Business!!

People time and time again are failing in internet marketing and online business because they fail to understand one important factor....and that's to MARKET YOURSELF! If you don't market yourself and form some type of brand for yourself, you will not last in this industry! So before you try to stress your mind about how to market your business opportunity, I would really concentrate on trying to understand yourself and what makes you the person you are. There is no need to keep spending money and time on marketing your business when you should invest that money and time into yourself especially when you are worth more than all the marketing strategies out here! Work on yourself and let people know what you're about. If people don't know you, then people will be skeptical in your opportunity because the majority of people "Fear The Unknown"!

Don't give anybody a reason to fear the unknown and put yourself OUT THERE!! Provide value and content to the skeptical! Showcase your presence instead of showcasing your opportunity. This is like one of the main reasons why people fail so hard in this industry is because their emphasis is directed in the wrong areas. If you're afraid to market yourself and showcase yourself, then other people will be afraid of you as well! Like the saying goes, only the strongest survive.....THAT IS DEFINITELY TRUE! It takes a stronger mindset to achieve greater and stronger results! The wealthy get wealthy for a reason, they work smarter and NOT harder! The smarter you are in this industry the better off you are. The less knowledge you have in this industry, the worst off you're going to be and you don't want that for yourself!

If you don't change your behaviors, than nothing will change in your lifestyle and you will continue to be frustrated.....SO START MARKETING YOURSELF AND PLACE MORE EMPHASIS ON "YOURSELF"! I thought I would try and wake up some people with this concept because I see people aren't seeing the underlying cause of their failures! The more you concentrate on yourself, the longer you will stay in your business and the more benefit you will receive! THIS IS SIMPLE MATHEMATICS!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Your Body Is Worth MORE Than Your Own Desktop!


The title speaks for itself! Millions of us are losing total focus on our bodies when it comes to using a computer for our day to day activities. Sometimes you need to pay attention to your body more and focus on what is important the most!! Like I mentioned earlier, all this technology these days are making people LAZY and people's attention span is lacking in this department. I always like to go out from time to time and exercise when I can because I feel its VERY vital to my long-term health! Just like having a system for your business, you need to have a SYSTEM for your own body as well! A lot of us don't take this serious and wind up suffering for it later on :-( You need a balance in life! Your eyes, body and mind is ALL effected from all of this long term daily usage of the computer and most people don't realize this and take it for granted.

It's almost like a drug addict who does constant drug use. The addict doesn't want to do anything else but use the drug and is not focused on his or her own body. The same applies with the computer because it can also become ADDICTIVE if YOU let it! What its actually doing is eating away at us SLOWLY. We don't really pay it any mind because we're so focused on a task at hand on the computer when in actuality our priorities aren't together. As I said before, once your health is gone than everything else is gone as well as your BUSINESS!! So keep this in mind and it will pay off in the future. Save yourself now or you'll regret it later! This also will help your blood flow, metabolism and your mind. It's just another form of stimulation for your body....exercising on a regular basis! Break away from your addiction and get on the right track to success!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

1,000 + YouTube Subscribers!!! Words Can't Describe It!!!

Just want to give thanks again for all of those people who subscribed to me on YouTube at my old channel "CashAtHand", it's very much appreciated!! If it wasn't for all of the inspiration and motivation along the way from all of you, none of it would be possible!! So you know I have to give thanks where thanks is due! Like I said before, I never had an interest in making videos and was so afraid to show my face on camera but my passion to make money online as well as my passion for life in general definitely outweighed my decision to start filming myself! I noticed that real topics and real subjects are not really discussed so I feel I should step in and let the world know how I feel if nobody else does! I always try to give YOU the viewer something to take with you and absorb! I feel the world's priorities are geared in the wrong direction and there's not enough positivity and motivation in this world we're living in so you know I have to step in! Stay tuned for more videos and insight from "Cash At Hand"....I'll see you in the next video :-)