Thursday, February 4, 2010

1,000 + YouTube Subscribers!!! Words Can't Describe It!!!

Just want to give thanks again for all of those people who subscribed to me on YouTube at my old channel "CashAtHand", it's very much appreciated!! If it wasn't for all of the inspiration and motivation along the way from all of you, none of it would be possible!! So you know I have to give thanks where thanks is due! Like I said before, I never had an interest in making videos and was so afraid to show my face on camera but my passion to make money online as well as my passion for life in general definitely outweighed my decision to start filming myself! I noticed that real topics and real subjects are not really discussed so I feel I should step in and let the world know how I feel if nobody else does! I always try to give YOU the viewer something to take with you and absorb! I feel the world's priorities are geared in the wrong direction and there's not enough positivity and motivation in this world we're living in so you know I have to step in! Stay tuned for more videos and insight from "Cash At Hand"....I'll see you in the next video :-)

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