Monday, February 8, 2010

Market "YOURSELF" First, NOT Your Business!!

People time and time again are failing in internet marketing and online business because they fail to understand one important factor....and that's to MARKET YOURSELF! If you don't market yourself and form some type of brand for yourself, you will not last in this industry! So before you try to stress your mind about how to market your business opportunity, I would really concentrate on trying to understand yourself and what makes you the person you are. There is no need to keep spending money and time on marketing your business when you should invest that money and time into yourself especially when you are worth more than all the marketing strategies out here! Work on yourself and let people know what you're about. If people don't know you, then people will be skeptical in your opportunity because the majority of people "Fear The Unknown"!

Don't give anybody a reason to fear the unknown and put yourself OUT THERE!! Provide value and content to the skeptical! Showcase your presence instead of showcasing your opportunity. This is like one of the main reasons why people fail so hard in this industry is because their emphasis is directed in the wrong areas. If you're afraid to market yourself and showcase yourself, then other people will be afraid of you as well! Like the saying goes, only the strongest survive.....THAT IS DEFINITELY TRUE! It takes a stronger mindset to achieve greater and stronger results! The wealthy get wealthy for a reason, they work smarter and NOT harder! The smarter you are in this industry the better off you are. The less knowledge you have in this industry, the worst off you're going to be and you don't want that for yourself!

If you don't change your behaviors, than nothing will change in your lifestyle and you will continue to be frustrated.....SO START MARKETING YOURSELF AND PLACE MORE EMPHASIS ON "YOURSELF"! I thought I would try and wake up some people with this concept because I see people aren't seeing the underlying cause of their failures! The more you concentrate on yourself, the longer you will stay in your business and the more benefit you will receive! THIS IS SIMPLE MATHEMATICS!!


  1. Hi Matt, too true, another brilliant video - your videos are helping me so much to believe I can be successful on line - thank you for being a great mentor and I definitely will be joining you in one of your opportunities very soon (just need to get a little extra cash coming in which it will do soon) but thanks so much, you've showed me that anyone can be successful on line if they just believe in themselves. I agree, you definitely need to brand yourself and get yourself out there so people can relate to you and see the person behind the business - your videos are great and I look forward to them every day because they help me to stay focused and strong when it comes to achieving my goals and dreams - thank you Matt xx :-)

  2. That's great Catherine, I'm glad I could help! Much success to you!