Friday, February 5, 2010

Your Body Is Worth MORE Than Your Own Desktop!


The title speaks for itself! Millions of us are losing total focus on our bodies when it comes to using a computer for our day to day activities. Sometimes you need to pay attention to your body more and focus on what is important the most!! Like I mentioned earlier, all this technology these days are making people LAZY and people's attention span is lacking in this department. I always like to go out from time to time and exercise when I can because I feel its VERY vital to my long-term health! Just like having a system for your business, you need to have a SYSTEM for your own body as well! A lot of us don't take this serious and wind up suffering for it later on :-( You need a balance in life! Your eyes, body and mind is ALL effected from all of this long term daily usage of the computer and most people don't realize this and take it for granted.

It's almost like a drug addict who does constant drug use. The addict doesn't want to do anything else but use the drug and is not focused on his or her own body. The same applies with the computer because it can also become ADDICTIVE if YOU let it! What its actually doing is eating away at us SLOWLY. We don't really pay it any mind because we're so focused on a task at hand on the computer when in actuality our priorities aren't together. As I said before, once your health is gone than everything else is gone as well as your BUSINESS!! So keep this in mind and it will pay off in the future. Save yourself now or you'll regret it later! This also will help your blood flow, metabolism and your mind. It's just another form of stimulation for your body....exercising on a regular basis! Break away from your addiction and get on the right track to success!


  1. Wow! This is a very nice blog! Again, keep it up!

  2. Kool, thanks Lady A....glad you stopped by :-) Enjoy your weekend!