Saturday, March 20, 2010

We need to be STRONGER men & women in this world if we want to get somewhere in life!!

This subject here is really important especially for today's generation and youth! Some of us have been trained to rely on other people besides ourselves. Sometimes it takes a strong mind to step up to the plate and control our own life and destiny. How would this world develop if people never took any initiative and followed through with any plans or goals?? How would this world be today if nobody took charge and pursued a particular task?? We wouldn't have a world and we wouldn't have the technology that we all take advantage of on a daily basis. All of this comes from hard working people that never gave up!! They had a thought and made it manifest into reality. These are the type of people that I look up to because it really motivates myself to push harder than I did previously and MOST IMPORTANTLY it motivates me to NEVER quit in life and to always strive for the best!

Never be a "quitter" in life! While you're here on this earth, you want to inspire other people that may look up to you and show them that you should always excel in life and never look back! Our "spoiled" society is SO trapped mentality thinking that life is suppose to be handed to them on a silver platter. This type of mentality will only make you a weaker person in the long want to be STRONG ....and NOT weak! Always follow through with your plans to the best of your ability and NEVER be led into peer pressure or follow behind the "wrong" crowd! Don't let a material object or person turn you into a lifeless creature that is so dependent........DEPEND ON YOURSELF!! Lead by example and show yourself that you can be somebody in life and you're not a loser BUT a winner!!

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