Friday, May 28, 2010

You CAN"T Dissect The TRUTH!!!! Take It For What Its Worth!!

Everybody wants to know what is the truth! How can we find the truth? Where is the truth? In actuality, the truth is looking at you right in the face and a lot of people don't even know it!! It could be the truth in anything we come across in life.....from religion, spirituality, race, politics, education, economy....or WHATEVER THE CASE MAY BE!! We always have to look for FACTS to back up our perspective or all we're doing is going by "emotions & beliefs" and NOT by hard CONCRETE EVIDENCE!! Don't live through life by myths, stories, fabrications, etc.....always do YOUR due diligence and ALWAYS find the TRUTH!! Sometimes the truth HURTS some people but remember it's always better to "know" what's real then "believe" what's real!!! Emotions ISN'T truth, opinions ISN'T truth, beliefs ISN'T truth.....facts IS truth, evidence IS truth, proof IS truth!!!!! GO BY THAT!!!!!

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