Saturday, March 21, 2009

Please set up a FREE account with “PayPal”!! Something VERY vital to your online business!!

PayPal has been VERY effective with my online businesses! Please go to “” to register a FREE account. First, you must have a bank account where you would have to use that to get your new PayPal account “Verified”. This means you would be an official member of PayPal and would have better privileges on making online transactions such as withdrawing & depositing money from your Bank account, etc. You can also send & receive money from another PayPal member which is very key! A lot of people online like to make credit/debit card purchases and your online business would be very effective if you can accept these type of payment methods. This is where PayPal comes into the picture. Another great quality that PayPal provides is the fact that you can receive a debit card to withdraw your funds from your existing PayPal account. You would have to be a member for a limited amount of time before you can request a debit card. PayPal also provides a plentiful amount of products & services that you can choose from such as: merchant services, auction tools, alternative payment methods and a long list of other services. You can also upgrade your account to a “Premier Account” or a “Business Account” which offers more tools and services to your access. PayPal charges fees on some transactions but the fees are very minimal depending on the amount of the transaction. Overall, PayPal is an excellent choice if you’re just starting out with your online business. There are other sites which offer online transactions such as: AlertPay, WorldPay, etc. but PayPal has been very reliable in my experiences with online transactions and is predominantly accepted all over the world, plus the customer service has been outstanding in my opinion! So register your PayPal account today and get started making money online!!



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